Pickling Vinegar and Pickling Spice

Looking for all the essentials you need to start pickling? Our pickling kits contain pickled onions or pickled shallots, malt vinegar, and pickling spices. All you need to add is a container of your choice. You can also jazz up your pickles with our variety of pickling vinegars. 

Need some pickling inspiration? Check out our recipes page for our favourite pickling and fermenting recipes. 

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Round Shallot Pickling Kit
Onion Pickling Kit (Medium)
Malt Vinegar 5lt
Spiced Malt Vinegar 5lt
Pickling Spice 250g
Distilled Malt Vinegar 5lt
Chip Shop Onion Pickling Kit (Large)
Cider Vinegar Pickling Kit
Cider Vinegar