100 years of farming experience

At Parrish Farms we have nearly 100 years of growing experience, going back three generations of Parrish sons.

That means we’ve had 90 years to perfect our growing processes in order to bring you the very best products we can. We proudly grow a variety of crop here at Parrish Farms, with British Quinoa our latest, exciting venture. Find out more about what we grow below.


Buy UK Onions Parrish Farms

We’ve been growing onions on our Bedfordshire farm for over 90 years, so we know a thing or two about producing one of the most popular vegetables in the UK. There’s more to onions than just brown ones, and you’ll find them all here at Parrish Farms; from red onions to supasweet onions, and every kind in between. You can buy all kinds of onions in our Online Farm Shop as well as pickling kits and mixed variety boxes.


UK Grown Parrish Farms Shallots

Shallots are the thinner, milder cousins to the regular brown onion and are a firm favourite with foodies who like the bite of an onion but fancy something a little sweeter. Perfect for pickling, in salads, or simply eating raw, this versatile little bulb is best eaten in the spring time just after harvest. Take a look at the full range of shallots available here on our farm, including round shallots, echalions and banana shallots.


Parrish Farms Pickling Kits

Pickle the perfect onion or shallot with our pickling kits. We grow the finest quality small pickling onions and echalions which we supply to you on their own, ready for you to use your own vinegar and spices with or in a kit. Our pickling kits contain our special blend of pickling spices (250g), 5 litres of malt vinegar ad well as 4kgs of onions or shallots. We sell out of these pickling kits every year so head to our Online Farm Shop to pick yours up while you can.


Quinoa Grown in the UK

A slightly newer addition to the Parrish Farms repertoire is quinoa. As one of only a handful of farms in the UK that produce quinoa we’re proud to be supporting the popularisation of this lovely little grain. We supply freshly harvested quinoa to our friends at The British Quinoa company for use in their unique range of quinoa and granola products.


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