Spiced Malt Vinegar 5lt

Spiced Malt Vinegar 5lt


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5 litres of classic Malt Vinegar, the most popular vinegar for pickling. This 5 litre container is the ideal size to pickle our 4kg nets of Pickling Onions or Pickling Shallots.

Description / Spiced Malt Vinegar 5lt

5 litres of our best-selling Spiced Malt Vinegar. This pre-spiced vinegar is perfect for people that don’t want the added step of boiling spiced into plain malt vinegar. Simply pour over your pickles and you’re good to go.

This Spiced Malt Vinegar is the perfect foundation ingredient for any pickled vegetable, eggs, or walnuts. Simply pour this vinegar over you pickles cold and leave to preserve.

For those that want to get creative with your recipe you can boil this vinegar up with extra spices, herbs, honey, or sugar for a truly unique flavour.

We particularly favour Spiced Malt Vinegar for pickling: onions, shallots, red cabbage, walnuts, and beetroot.

Brand may vary. Comes in a 5 litre plastic container. Use within 6 months of opening.

Vinegar: Please note that due to availability, the brand of vinegar may vary.

Minimum 5% Acidity 

Contains Barley

Suitable for Vegetarians

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