Welcome to Parrish Farms

Growers of quality onions & shallots since 1927

Parrish Farms - UK Onions & ShallotsIf you love onions and shallots then you’ve come to the right place. The Parrish family have been farming in the Greensand Ridge in Bedfordshire since 1927 and are passionate about growing all forms of onions and shallots. The rich sandy soils in this area are ideal for allium growing and over the years we have strived for excellence in sustainability, storage and producing great tasting fresh produce.

The family farm was taken by Frank Parrish in 1927. Grahame Parrish, second generation, took over the farm in 1958 and steered the farm on growing vegetables after introducing an irrigation system in the 60s. Third generation, Nick and James are now involved in the business, joining back in the late 80s.