Round Shallot Pickling Kit

Round Shallot Pickling Kit


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Our best-selling Complete Pickling Kit comes with everything you need to get pickling fresh shallots as soon as they arrive. Comes with 4kg of medium grade Pickling Shallots, 250g Pickling Spice, and a 5lt container of Malt Vinegar. Please note: brand of vinegar may vary between Driver's and Chef's Kitchen. 

Description / Round Shallot Pickling Kit

Medium Pickling Shallots are graded as approximately 25-45mm in diameter.

These Pickling Shallots are for pickling only. They cannot be planted.

Pickling Kit contains 4kg of Pickling Shallots, 250g Pickling Spice and 5 litres of Malt Vinegar.

Our home-grown Pickling Shallots have become a firm customer favourite over the years due to their sweet, soft flavour. They made wonderful pickles for those looking for something a little sweeter, with less of a twang.

Compared to our classic Pickling Onions, our shallots a milder in flavour, pinker in colour, and more oval in shape. We grade our Pickling Shallots to 3 different sizes to meet everyone’s preferences.

Vinegar: Please note that due to availability, the brand of vinegar may vary.

Pickling Spice Ingredients: Bay leaves, allspice berries, bird’s eye chillies, black peppercorns, cloves, ginger root, coriander seeds, yellow MUSTARD seeds, crushed cassia.

Here at Parrish Farms, we grow vegetative shallots and seed-grown shallots.

Appearance: Vegetative Shallots vs. Shallots Grown from Seed 

Vegetative Shallots: When you introduce a shallot bulb into the soil, it undergoes division, forming a cluster comprising several bulbs. Due to this clustered growth pattern, shallots propagated vegetatively tend to exhibit a more irregular shape. The precise shape can vary depending on the specific variety and the conditions in which they are cultivated.

Shallots Grown from Seed: These shallots typically possess a more consistent and uniform appearance. They may resemble a small, elongated onion or take on a rounder shape, with the variation primarily dictated by the specific shallot variety. As they do not originate from an existing bulb, they do not tend to cluster in the same manner as shallots propagated through vegetative means.

About Parrish Farms

Parrish Farms is a family run farm in the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside. Our farm has been managed by three generations of Parrish families for nearly 100 years, dating all the way back to 1927.

The rich sandy soils of the Greensand Ridge are ideal for onion and shallot growing and we have been growing onions for 30 years on these pastures. We are passionate about supplying great tasting onions and shallots in the most sustainable way and take great care of the land that we farm on.

All of our fields are ringed by strips of uncultivated land, which are rich in wild flora and fauna, and encourage biodiversity. We use our own reservoir for irrigating our crops and renewable energy is used to help run our onions stores, with over 400kw of solar panels installed over the farm.

We are constantly evolving our farming practices so that we operate in the most sustainable way, making sure to protect our local wildlife as well as to preserve the quality of the soil that our crops are grown on.

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