Tractor_LEAFSustainability is always at the core of what we do, which is why we have adopted precision farming techniques throughout the farm to optimise resources required to grow onions and shallots. This includes controlled traffic farming techniques, which helps to maintain soil structure.

We have also invested heavily in state of the art storage facilities to ensure our produce is kept in the best condition for longer. This includes cold storage, controlled atmosphere storage and ethylene controlled storage. Renewable energy is used to help run the stores with over 400kw of solar panels installed over the farm.

Our produce is grown under the L.E.A.F. (Linking Environment and Farming) protocol, which is the leading environmental growing programme in the UK. The LEAF approach is built around the whole-farm principles of Integrated Farm Management (IFM), which achieves a balance between the best modern technology and sound traditional methods, whilst enriching the environment.

Irrigation is a vital part of the allium growing programme. Over the years the business has invested in winter storage reservoirs to ensure that there is enough water even in the drier years. Sophisticated monitoring equipment is used to ensure the crop has the right water applications at the right time so as to achieve optimum growth and quality.