4kg Pickling Onions and 5lt Spiced Vinegar

4kg Pickling Onions and 5lt Spiced Vinegar
Brand: Parrish Farms

This product contains 4kg of Pickling Onions and 5 litres of Spiced Malt Vinegar – so you can get pickling straight away!

Due to a difficult harvest this year (2020) we are adding an extra 10% of pickling onions in each 4kg net to account for any that are less than perfect. Each net will contain roughly 4.4kg of pickling onions. 


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The pickling onions are graded as medium size, which is currently: 25-45mm.


Now you can make pickling even easier with this pre-spiced Malt vinegar. Packed with aromatic spices that complement onions and shallots.


Brand of malt vinegar may vary.


Please note these onions are for pickling or cooking only, they are not suitable for planting.