Fresh Seville Oranges

Fresh Seville Oranges
Brand: Spanish

For a short time only we have fresh Seville Oranges in stock. The season is likely to end early Feb so pick up your zingy Sevilles before they're gone for another year! Only while stocks last. Wonky Seville's now available! Read the description below for more information. 



Seville Oranges, also known as Bitter Oranges or Sour Oranges, originate from the Seville region of Spain. They’re typically too bitter to eat as a stand alone fruit but mix them with sugars and lemons and they make the perfect orange marmalade.


They’re also used in a variety of strong orange flavoured liqueurs including Cointreau and Triple Sec.


They have a tough, dimply skin that contains lots of essential oils which are completely edible and also used in cosmetics and fragrances.




We have some very good 20kg boxes of WONKY Seville oranges. These oranges typically have marks on the outer skin or greening or misshapen or could be small. Ideal if you like shredless marmalade or less shred in your marmalade. You can also freeze them and use them throughout the year.