Large Banana Shallots

Large Banana Shallots
Brand: Parrish Farms

Our Large Banana Shallots, AKA our Torpedo Shallots, are known for their size. They're particularly popular with chefs and caterers because they're easy to peel, great value for money, easy to slice and are less likely to make you cry than brown onions! 


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Our Large Banana Shallots are delicious and super easy to peel, making them particularly popular with chefs and caterers as well as supermarkets. Subtle and sweet, they make a great addition to any dish. Available in 4kg nets.


Shallot diameter: 45mm+


About our farm:

Our farm has been managed by three generations of Parrish families, dating all the way back to 1927 when Frank Parrish first bought the land for a dairy farm, supplying the local villages with fresh milk each day.


Now, 90 years later, we run one of the only farms in the UK to supply supermarkets, farm shops, markets and garden centers with UK grown shallots and onions. We're also active in our local farming community, helping to farm a number of other fruits and vegetables in the North Bedfordshire area.